Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tea exchange III

A lot of lovely teas in this round of tea exchange. I have received a great selection:

  • Christmas bells (dried apple, prunes, rosehip, organic hibiscus, cardamom, orange peel, coconut, cherry, clove, blue mallow flowers)
  • Magic Aloe (rooibos, peonies, pineapple, lemon, organic mint, orange peel, flavors, greater burdock and great mullein flowers)
  • Irish Cream (Ceylon tea, chocolate and Irish Cream flavor)
  • Marzipan tea (black marzipan-flavored tea)
  • Istanbul tea, containing dried apples and lemongrass 
  • Alpen tea
I liked the Istanbul tea best because it was so fruity and refreshing.

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