Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tea exchange I

I joined a great tea exchange initiative and yesterday I received the first package. I'm very excited about the contents. 

Starting from the top left corner, there are: 
  • Desert tea (green tea and Damascus rose petals) from House of Tea, Belgrade
  • Honeybush Tropical Night tea (honeybush, papaya, mango with kiwi, guava and rose flower flavours) from Smalltree, Belgrade 
  • Lovers tea (black tea, apple, cinnamon and ginger) from House of Tea, Belgrade
  • Green tea, Sir Winston Tea
  • Wild strawberry, Welton and 
  • Apple and cinnamon, Welton.

So far, I have only had a chance to taste the Lovers tea. I am not familiar with Welton and Sir Winston Teas, but House of Tea and Smalltree from Belgrade are traditionally good. 

I'm looking forward to tasting all these teas. 

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